Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Ties--Ishmael

I have certain decisions to make and not knowing which way God wants me to go, it appears that I am to do nothing at this point but wait.  And so, as I always do, I checked in the Bible to see if an example of this (when one is confused about God's direction then do nothing) was there.

Of course it was.  The Bible leaves nothing to the imagination.  I found that when God Himself stopped Paul from preaching the Gospel (!) in Mysia, Paul went down to Troas to wait on the Lord (Acts 16).  And there are other instances where God tells us to wait on Him.

Well, I started thinking about Ishmael (because Abraham, as you know, could wait no longer), and wondered just what became of Ishmael's twelve sons (Genesis 25:9-18)?  I came upon these two websites and their family charts.  You might want to read them for yourself.

You realize, once again, that we're all family and yet we fight so.  But then we don't need a history chart to tell us that we can't get along--it's in our own families!  So Stop Being A Christian Wimp and forgive your family member (or members). 

It takes more courage and power to forgive while it's easier to wimp-out and not forgive--don't you agree?

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