Sunday, August 1, 2010

Laughter: the Dental Way

You know, we sometimes see God, or as like to call Him:  Daddy (that's what Abba means), as just waiting for us to mess up and then "BAM!"  He hammers us.  Now what kind of sadistic Father would that make Him out to be?

 ABBA Verses:  Mark 14:36, Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6

And then, we could even say Dad would also be schizophrenic:

1.) one minute He is stripped naked in front of people, then allows Himself to whipped with an instrument that takes his flesh off, is cursed and spat upon, is hung on a cross, barely being able to breathe, skin and blood sticking to the splinters in the cross, more cursing and all because he wants to save us and take us to be home with Him;

 BUT then next minute

2.)  God is waiting to clean our clock, to find reason to be angry with us?

C'mon!  Who you gonna believe:  God or satan?  Either Dad loves us to death (hey!) or He is against us.  Can't He make up His mind?  Are you gonna let the evil one convince you that you're so far gone that even God can't save you?  That your sin is so great that not even the blood of Jesus is powerful enough to wash that away?  And will you let the enemy tell you, "You just can't ask for forgiveness for that sin and expect that God will be immediately cool with you.  You've got to give it time."  Rubbish!  God is always quick to forgive:  Jonah 4:2 and Luke 15:30.  So don't wimp out, tell the enemy to get away from you.

And let's lighten up today, people.  Watch this video that will make you laugh.  And that's another thing, why would Dad create us with the ability to laugh only to want us to live a life where we're so pious we look like we've been sucking on lemons all day?

Remember, righteousness comes from the inside out, not the other way around!

Here's the video

Post some of your "laugh" videos here!

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